“Do no harm.” – Hippocrates


I wasn’t going to write again so soon, but it’s happening again….

We are being misled about the health of our children. From a person setting policy. From a pediatrician/professor/author who got published in the New York Times today saying You Don’t Need to Eat Clean. That MSG is no problem. That we parents are giving our kids food issues. How irresponsible and ironic.

The problem is not parents. It’s the food. Even more pernicious, it’s the “medicine,” and the disconnect between what doctors think and what parents know. The internet is helping, because we can talk to each other now.  Because experiential data is starting to overwhelm studies funded by pharmaceutical companies. But change cannot happen soon enough.

Pediatricians are supposed to be healers focused on children. This man is neither. If he were, he’d study up and learn that 1) MSG should not be consumed and 2) the reason it gives LOTS of kids migraines these days is because pediatricians like him have been giving them aluminum and mercury preservative-laced vaccines which have put some in toxic overload with mysterious illnesses. That they solve with…pills that treat symptoms but not causes.

The children (and grown-ups) suffering the most have something called a MTHFR “mutation,” meaning that their bodies don’t clear these metals.  How can we blame our bodies for this; HEAVY METALS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE INSIDE US. It’s like a divine message, isn’t it? As in MTHFRs, wake up and stop poisoning people. Stop poisoning children! Oh, yeah, it’s in the environment too, but the vaccines are a direct hit. The vaccine protocol needs an overhaul – specifically, the way they are preserved needs to change.  Like, refrigerate them. It will cost less in the end than these mysterious illnesses on the rise in this generation of kids.

Articles like this one are why some people call the NYTimes #FakeNews. In this case, they are absolutely correct.  Publishing an ignorant opinion like this is utterly irresponsible. It’s not news. It’s not true. It’s the same old stuff that keeps us sick…oh, right…but that’s good for business, isn’t it doc?!

That’s not empathic healthcare.  Focus on the children. Their bodies know the answers. And the people watching the children with love in their hearts are the parents.  Parents know best. It’s time we started listening to what they have to say and stop giving misleading “authorities” like this author a platform.

They are doing harm.

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An Antidote to Our Empathy Deficit Disorder


An Antidote to Our Empathy Deficit Disorder

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